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Publishing Idea #1: The Sixty One

March 22, 2010

When you get the chance, check out the site The Sixty One. The site was built by some brilliant minds as a way to discover music from any band who wanted to put their songs on the site. Here, I’ll grab a screenshot so that you can visualize it, because the key to the site is the visualization.

If you go to the site, it’ll randomly choose a song (you can sort by “hot” or “popular” as well) and it’ll start to play. The background–usually a photo of the band–stays the same. You have this bar on the left that says the name of the group and the band, as well as the number of people who like the band and a way to purchase the song.

While you listen, boxes pop up on the screen that provide background info about the band, tour info, recent tweets, and other photos. It’s actually entertaining to just sit and watch and read as the song plays–it’s kind of like a music video, but without the ADD. And if you don’t like the song, you click that green arrow on the right and move on to the next one.

I LOVE this format for writers and stories. This would work as a site for many writers, or for one writer’s stories. In fact, it’s essentially taking The Sixty One to the next level–the little popups contain the text of the story. You could have music playing in the background if you want (haven’t you ever wanted to set a chapter of a novel to certain soundtrack?) You could offer the entire story or just the first part, and a user could buy the rest of it if they were hooked. You could include photos of yourself writing or doing crazy stuff, or story-relevant photos.

When I play with The Sixty One, I’m told stories by bands that take the time to create these pages. Why can’t us writers do the same thing?

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