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The Allure of Winter

October 9, 2009

I am a summer person. I like the sun. The feel of it on my skin, the weather it provides for soccer, the warmth it provides me (my fingers get cold in the winter!)

But for some reason, there’s this allure of winter when it comes to novels for me. Specifically, fantasy novels.

I don’t read much fantasy at all. Harry Potter, obviously, and His Dark Materials, and more recently, The Name of the Wind and the brilliant Acacia/The Other Lands. There are other series that I want to read, but it’s tough to be sucked into a genre that (a) very few of my friends respect or talk about and (b) has a daunting amount of pages. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is thousands and thousands of pages…if I got sucked it, I’d lose weeks of my life!

But let’s get back to winter. What is it about winter when it comes to fantasy? Maybe it’s because it’s so clean and pure, a white sheet of snow cast across the land. Winter and snow and ice and all that comes with it are classy. High-brow.

I present to you three examples. I’ve only read the first, but the allusion to winter makes me want to read the other two.

  1. The Golden Compass: On the cover, a girl on a polar bear. Count me in.
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire: Fire? Meh. Ice? This is for adults!
  3. A Breath of Snow and Ashes: Snowflakes look like ashes…brilliant!

Why is this? I’m always a little disappointed in fantasy when there aren’t any giant creatures in the pages, but I just don’t want them on the cover. I want a single snowflake or a polar bear or a royal, wintry crest.

I guess I know my season if I ever write a fantasy novel.

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