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How TypeTribe Customers Can Expect to Be Treated

July 26, 2009

On my primary blog today, I wrote about how you should Treat Customers Like Potential Girlfriends. I just want to make it clear to the growing number of people interested in TypeTribe that I promise you I’ll treat you all like potential girlfriends. Even the dudes. That’s the type of customer service I’m interested in providing.

I’d say it even goes above and beyond customer service, because that feels so much like a department, a segment of a business. It’s not like I’m going to budget 10% of my time and other resources towards TypeTribe members and potential members. No, that’s everything. That’s the whole business. You write me an e-mail, you’ll get a response within 12 hours (hopefully much sooner). You send me a Tweet, I’ll reply right away. You make a suggestion on the site, I’ll let you know how many other people have made the same suggestion.

I’m interested in customer relationships, not compartmentalized service. When you join TypeTribe, you join the tribe. You join a family of writers. That’s how I’m going to approach customer service.

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