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Forming Your Tribe on TypeTribe

July 8, 2009

I got in a good discussion over in a CopyBlogger post the other day regarding the various ways you could form a tribe of fans and reviewers on TypeTribe. Here are my comments:

“I’ve loved the idea of tribes ever since Seth Godin detailed the concept in his book, Tribes. Specifically in regards to what you say above about building a village of customers. I believe that one of the best ways for this to happen is to ask people–potential fans or tribe members–for advice and feedback. When a movie test screens for an audience months before the release, you’re engaging those people and building a tribe (and buzz around the movie). For a while I’ve thought that the same concept should be used for writing–not just novels, but shorter works like short stories, essays, anecdotes, poems, etc. So a few months ago, I set about to create a site that allowed for written creativity to be nurtured that way, and the result is, a site that will launch in a few months. Please excuse the shameless plug, but if you’re interested in being notified when the site launches, you can go to the current site ( and enter your e-mail so you can be notified when the site launches (of course there are incentives for people who sign up early for this launch).”

There were some comments from other people, and I responded to one of them from a person who didn’t like the idea of writing with a group of other people looking over his shoulder as follows:

Laroquod, I also understand your post. For example, when I write a short story, I write it alone. When I’m actually writing it, I don’t want a bunch of different people chiming in with their ideas–I want my vision executed the way I want.

However, as soon as I finish the story, my first thought is, “Is this any good?” I have a few options at that point. I can send it out to publishers who will accept or reject it (odds are for rejection), and most likely I won’t hear from them for 2-6 months. Or I can send the story to a few friends to ask what they think, but friends, as great as they are, are unreliable. You can’t expect them to follow through in a timely manner or give you the feedback you want.

I could also post it on my blog, but few blog readers will stick around to read a 5,000 story.

That’s how I came up with the idea of TypeTribe. It’s a place to form a tribe the way you want your tribe to be. And not just one general tribe of followers like on Twitter, but specific mini tribes for every individual work that you write. I’m creating the site, but I already know that I’m going to be one of its biggest users. Although writing is an solitary act for me, I always want to know what other people think.”

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